Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl doesn't HAVE to equal Diet Disaster!

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If you're like me, and many other Americans, you look forward to the Super Bowl each year... Not necessarily because of the teams who are playing, or even the half-time show (although that's what usually draws my attention), but because of all of the FOOD!!!  I was looking forward to this year's event much more than the previous year, (Go Ravens!) and knew that I was going to be in for a real disaster if I didn't plan ahead. 

Since I knew I was planning to snack on some chips and guacamole, indulge in some crackers, cheese, & pepperoni bites; have a few drinks; and devour the hot wings & spaghetti - I did some damage control early on.  By damage control, I mean I WORKED MY BUTT OFF earlier in the morning, so that I could have what I wanted later on, without the guilt.  At about 10am, my younger cousin and I went for a 20 minute jog around the neighborhood - which for me is NOT normal.  I'll do just about any workout there is, but running is normally out of the question!  However, I knew that I had to go above and beyond this time, if I didn't want to completely blow my weight-loss progress thus far.

After my 20 minute run, I ate a small breakfast - a bowl of Multi-grain Cheerios with unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk - while my heart rate was still up, followed by some hip abductions and abdominal twists.  At the party, I brought my own boneless chicken strips - which my niece baked in the oven w/ wing sauce - so that I could still enjoy the hot wings, without the added calories.  Additionally, I only scooped one cup of spaghetti onto my plate, and instead of over-indulging in chips and guacamole, (I tried a few - hey I'm no saint!) I sliced up a cup of strawberries and had those for my finger food.  And even though many of my family members poked fun at how "healthy" I was eating on a traditional junk food day, I stood my ground!  Because in the end, I'm the one who has to live with my eating choices.  When I weighed the chips and guacamole, or the extra spaghetti and rolls against my dream body, the body definitely won!  Because all in all, having my own version of the "Beyonce Body" is much more important to me than a moment of great tasting snacks!

Where I went wrong for the day, though, was my liquor intake - as to be expected.  Had I stopped at just 2 glasses of wine, with the above-mentioned food, i would've been within my 1200 net daily calories - because of my morning run.  However, silly me decided to make a Strawberry Peach Vodka Milkshake (which was BEYOND amazing), which I'm sure pushed me well beyond my caloric limit (by probably 200 cals). 

Nevertheless, I still am pretty proud of myself and how well I held it together around so many temptations yesterday.  The old me would've over-indulged on everything there was to offer at the party, including the rolls, but I held back!  And even though I had the vodka milkshake, only exceeding my calories by 200 instead of probably 600-800+, I'd have to say yesterday was pretty successful!

This is precisely why I say:  "planning ahead is very important"!  Because I foresaw my failures, I was able to put in the work ahead of time, so that I could enjoy myself that evening.  As always, pain before pleasure!  If you "pay" for what you eat before you eat it, you won't have to worry about it later!

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