Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekday Morning Blues

I don't know what it is about little ones, but for some reason they have only 1 speed:  super duper SLOW!!!  When it comes to getting ready in the morning, I am fully capable of taking a shower, washing my face, brushing my teeth, lotioning, getting dressed, doing my hair, making my coffee & lunch, AND breakfast to consume in the car during my morning commute - all in less than 30-45 minutes!  My child, however, takes about 45 minutes alone JUST to lotion & get dressed!!!!!

Today, she was taught a valuable lesson.  After weeks of trying to rush her to lotion and get dressed quickly, she has continued to play games and take her sweet little time in the morning.  I have warned her numerous times that if she does not move quicker, she will not have enough time to get her hair done & will have to go to school with "yesterday hair".  In the past I have stated that I was going to start waking her up earlier since it takes her so long to get ready, but I've learned quickly that all that does is make it a lot harder on me in the mornings... I'd much rather let her sleep a little longer, to prevent early morning arguments.  Needless to say - today she learned that I wasn't joking.  My poor child not only had to put her shoes on in the car this morning (because I refuse to let her walk into school late because she was playing around & not taking care of her business in the morning), but she also forgot her socks!  So she went to school sock-less, with yesterday's hair.  I hope this was a lesson learned, and that she will finally understand that following a routine and moving quickly is a necessity for school mornings.  My hope is that not only did she learn to move a bit quicker, but that she also learned a little bit of responsibility and accountability.  She didn't really seem to care either way this morning, as she so casually walked into school - but hopefully she now knows that I mean business, if nothing else.  It's all about the "follow-through".

Does anyone else have this problem with their little ones in the morning?  Last year, I used to lotion her & help her get dressed.  But now that she's in Kindergarten, she should be fully capable of doing those things herself... I felt really bad for her, though, as I do not want my baby going to school looking crazy!  But she didn't look completely crazy! Her hair was a little frizzy and the no socks thing sort of bugged me, but she looked like a kid with good hygiene, so I was certain that she'd be fine.

In light of today's shenanigans, I have created a morning routine chart that my daughter will have to follow - and check off - in order to encourage independence and promote responsibility.

I have purchased reward stickers from the Dollar Tree to stick on her chart each morning after she completes a task - or perhaps I'll let her do it herself!  This way, it'll give her something to look forward to after completing each task.  Click Here to print a copy of the chart to use for your own child, or Here to download and personalize the chart to fit your weekday morning routine.

Have you used a morning routine chart with your child before?  Do you have any other suggestions that could help speed up the morning process?  If so, please share!!!  I could use all the help I could get!

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