Friday, November 1, 2013

November 2013 Dinner Menu Plan

Today marked the first day of my Clean Eating Diet, and I have not only completed my shopping for the month (with the exception of the ground turkey), but I have also completed my monthly dinner menu!!!!  I'm very excited about this, because I have handpicked a number of recipes that I have been dying to try.  The trouble with these menus, though, is that I sometimes have a problem following the plan to a tee, but I am going to be as strict as possible to stick to the menu this time.  When eating Clean, planning ahead is the key to not falling off the wagon, as I've discovered over the past few months.  If you wait until you get home from work to decide "What's for Dinner", then you may end up whipping up something quick and easy, which will more than likely be something unhealthy!  So, if I can just follow along with this meal plan, then I should hopefully be set!

Since this will be my first time cooking most of the dishes featured on my menu, I will unfortunately not be able to post the recipes ahead of time.  While most of these recipes will be adapted from other sources (mostly found while browsing pinterest & ziplist), I will undoubtedly be modifying them quite a bit to fit my personal taste, so I will be sure to post the updated recipes after each meal is completed.  If you would like to follow along, and cook the dishes on the specific days that I've planned, feel free to head on over to Pinterest and do a recipe search!  Afterall, this post isn't about getting you to love my adapted recipes, but it is to help you along your personal journey toward eating clean and losing weight.

 Thank you for tuning in... Wish me Luck!


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